VP2000 Processor and
VIP2000 Upgrade Kit

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Now you can perform deparaffinization, pretreatment, histology/cytology staining, special stains (G-banding and other), and routine slide washing with a single system. The easy-to-operate user interface of the VP2000/VIP2000 Processor and Upgrade allows the user to enter and save user-defined protocols for various staining procedures and specimen pretreatment procedures.

This flexibility provides your laboratory with an instrument (VP 2000) that can be utilized for multiple functions within a single workday. Now with the addition of the VIP2000 upgrade, FISH laboratories have the flexibility to run smaller batch sizes with multiple basin sizes (150mL, 250mL, 500mL) ensuring efficient reagent usage and reduced waste.  When used in combination with Universal Pretreatment Reagents, the VP2000/VIP2000 Processor and Upgrade can batch multiple tissue types together thereby reducing overall processing time.  As your laboratory adds high-volume FISH testing to your menu of routine services, the VP2000/VIP2000 Processor and Upgrade provides a flexible and cost-effective solution. 

VP2000/VIP2000 Processor and Upgrade Advantages

  • Convenient walk-away automation to reduce laboratory labor and costs
  • Performs more consistent and standardized FISH assay deparaffinization and pretreatment
  • Validated for use with Vysis FISH pretreatment protocols including solid tumor and cytological specimens, such as amniocytes and bladder tumor cells
  • Full user programmability of events for maximum flexibility
  • Open system is compatible with reagents used in today's laboratories
  • Multiple basin sizes and slide racks to minimize waste and increase flexibility
  • Bulk reagents available for added economy and ease-of-use
  • Touchscreen computer for easier management of each run
  • Driven by a PC with Windows (8.1) user interface (included in package)
  • Five-way safety protection
  • Ergonomic cover design with improved basin access
  • Reliability to stay on the job processing slides, year after year

Automated FISH Testing

The VP 2000 Processor, in conjunction with the Vysis Thermobrite System for denaturation/hybridization provides a modular systems approach to automated FISH testing.

To learn more about VP2000 Processor and VIP2000 Upgrade Kit please visit: https://www.molecular.abbott/int/en/products/instrumentation/vp-2000-processor-vip2000-processor

SoftwareProprietary VP 2000
Slide Capacity per Run150 mL basin holds up to 8 slides
250 mL basin holds up to 20 slide
500 mL basin holds up to 50 slides
Ambient Reagent Basins12
Heated Reagent Basins3
Program Capacity>1000
Events per Program>100
Water Bath Flow Rate1L/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) Processing Unit35 x 25 x 22 in. (89 x 62 x 56 cm)
Weight - Processing Unit117 VAC - 169 lbs. (77 kg)
100/230 VAC - 182 lbs (83 kg)
 Computer Configuration Pentium Class PC, 600 MB or greater
 Heated Reagent Basin Temperature Ambient to 80 ºC
 Operating Temperature 15-30 ºC
Drying Station TemperatureAmbient to 80 ºC
Systems117 VAC, 60 Hz
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
100 VAC, 50/60 Hz