Vysis LSI CCND1 / CEP 11 FISH Probe Kit

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This fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probe is intended to determine copy number of the Cyclin D1 locus located on chromosome 11q13, or as an enumerator probe for chromosome 11 in interphase and metaphase cells.

The Vysis LSI CCND1 SpectrumOrange/CEP11 SpectrumGreen Probes vial contains a mixture of 2 probes. The CCND1 probe is approximately 378 kb, contains the CCND1 gene, and is labeled in SpectrumOrange. The second probe is specific to the D11Z1 alpha satellite centromeric repeat of chromosome 11 (11p11.11-q11) and is labeled in SpectrumGreen.


Hybridization of this probe to interphase nuclei of normal cells is expected to produce two orange and two green signals. The anticipated signal pattern in abnormal cells having a gain of copy number of the CCND1 target without a gain of the CEP 11 target is two green and multiple orange orange signals. Other patterns may be observed if additional genetic alterations are present.