Vysis ETV6/RUNX1 DF FISH Probe Kit

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The Vysis ETV6/RUNX1 DF FISH Probe Kit is intended to detect the t(12;21) (p13;q22) translocation between the ETV6 gene and the RUNX1 gene using the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique.

The approximately 1.3 Mb (chr12:11321286-12578034; March 2006 assembly) SpectrumOrange probe spans the ETV6 breakpoint region. The approximately 1.4 Mb (chr21:34452353-35813329; March 2006 assembly) SpectrumGreen probe spans the RUNX1 breakpoint region.

Normal Hybridization: The above image show two lymphocyte cells, one in interphase (upper left) and one in metaphase cell (lower right), that have been hybridized with the LSI ETV6/ RUNX1 Dual Color Dual Fusion Probe. Both cells show the two orange (RUNX1), two green (ETV6) signal pattern.

Abnormal Hybridization: The above image shows a bone marrow cell in interphase hybridized with the LSI ETV6/RUNX1 Dual Color Dual Fusion Probe. The cell in this image shows the one orange (RUNX1), one green (ETV6), two fusion (der (12) and der (21)) signal pattern.