Vysis FOXO1 Break Apart FISH Probe Kit

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This fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) probe is intended to detect chromosome rearrangements involving the FOXO1 (FKH1, FKHR) gene located on chromosome 13q14.

The Vysis LSI FOXO1 (13q14) Dual Color, Break Apart Rearrangement Probe consists of a mixture of 2 FISH DNA probes. The first probe, a 724 kb probe labeled in SpectrumGreen, lies proximal to the FOXO1 gene. The second probe, labeled in SpectrumOrange, extends distally from the FOXO1 gene and is approximately 655 kb in length. The telomeric SpectrumOrange probe contains the ELF1 gene.

In a normal cell that lacks a t(13q14) in the FOXO1 gene region, a two fusion signal pattern will be observed.

Normal Hybridization: Result of the hybridization of the Vysis LSI FOXO1 (13q14) Dual Color Break Apart Rearrangement Probe, showing the two fusion signal pattern as observed in normal interphase cells.

Abnormal Hybridization: Abnormal cells hybridized with the Vysis LSI FOXO1 (13q14) Dual Color Break Apart Rearrangement Probe. The cell in this image shows fusion, orange and green signals suggesting rearrangement of the FOXO1 gene region. The extra signals in the cell suggest aneuploidy.