Vysis LSI TOP2A / HER-2 / CEP 17 FISH Probe Kit

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This FISH probe is intended to determine TOP2A, HER-2, and chromosome 17 copy numbers, and hence can distinguish TOP2A and HER-2 amplification and deletion from chromosome 17 aneusomy.

The Vysis LSI TOP2A SpectrumOrange/HER-2 SpectrumGreen/CEP17 SpectrumAqua Probes vial contains a mixture of 3 probes premixed in Hybridization buffer. The TOP2A probe is a single approximately 166 kb (chr17:35754766-35920915 March 2006 UCSC Human Genome Browser) unique sequence probe direct labeled in SpectrumOrange, that hybridizes to the 17q21-q22 region of chromosome 17 and includes the 30 kb topoisomerase II-α gene. The HER-2 probe, which spans the entire HER-2 gene at 17q11.2-q12, is an ~226 kb unique sequence probe. This probe is labeled with SpectrumGreen. The CEP17 probe hybridizes to alpha satellite DNA on chromosome 17 (17p11.1-q11.1) and is directly labeled in SpectrumAqua. This probe set is premixed in hybridization buffer.


LSI TOP2A/HER-2/CEP 17 Multi-color Probe: As with TOP2A and chromosome 17, a nucleus with a normal quantity (two copies) of HER-2 will appear with two green signals. Simultaneous enumeration of all three probes will reveal the copy number of each as well well as the amplification or deletion status of TOP2A and HER- 2 relative to chromosome 17 copy number. The ability to distinguish true gene amplification or deletion from aneusomy of chromosome 17 or nuclei truncation is an added benefit of this multi-color probe.