Vysis LSI EGFR SpectrumOrange/CEP 7 SpectrumGreen Probes

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Vysis LSI EGFR SpectrumOrange/CEP 7 SpectrumGreen Probes hybridize to the band region 7p11.2 - 7p12 in SpectrumOrange and the centromere of chromosome 7 (7p11.1-q11,1, D7Z1 locus) in SpectrumGreen. The hybridized probe fluoresces with moderate to bright intensity both in interphase nuclei and on metaphase chromosomes.

In a cell with normal copy number of the EGFR gene and chromosome 7, two orange signals (EGFR), and two green signals (chromosome 7) will be observed. Simultaneously, the copy number of chromosome 7 can be quantified by enumeration of the green signals observed within the same cell. Therefore, enumeration of both the orange EGFR and green CEP 7 signals provide a mechanism for determining EGFR copy number relative to total chromosome 7 copy number.

Abnormal Hybridization: An abnormal cell hybridized with the Vysis LSI EGFR SpectrumOrange /CEP 7 SpectrumGreen Probes. The cell contains multiple EGFR (orange) signals and chromosome 7 (green signals).