Vysis LSI ETV6 (TEL)/RUNX1 (AML1) ES Dual Color Single Fusion Probe

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Vysis LSI ETV6 (TEL) / RUNX1 (AML1) ES Dual Color Single Fusion Probe hybridizes to chromosome 12p13 (SpectrumGreen TEL - ETV6) and to chromosome 21q22 (SpectrumOrange AML1). The hybridized probe fluoresces with bright intensity both in interphase nuclei and on metaphase chromosomes.

In a normal nucleus, the expected pattern for a cell hybridized with the LSI TEL/ AML1 ES Dual Color Translocation probe is the two orange (AML1), two green (TEL) (2O2G) signal pattern. In an abnormal cell containing the TEL/AML1 fusion, the expected signal pattern is one green (native TEL), one large orange (native AML1), one smaller orange signal (residual AML1) and one fused orange/green (yellow) signal. The green native signal may be absent in some instances due to the deletion of the non-translocated TEL allele.

Normal Hybridization: LSI TEL/AML1 ES Dual Color Translocation Probe hybridized to a nucleus lacking the TEL/AML1 fusion gene showing the two orange and two green (2O2G) signal pattern.