Vysis LSI MAPT 17q21 SpectrumGreen Probe

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The SpectrumGreen MAPT 17q21 fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probe is targeted to the MAPT region on chromosome 17q21.3. The probe is ~329 kb in size and spans the MAPT gene. The hybridized probe fluoresces with moderate to bright intensity both in interphase nuclei and on metaphase chromosomes. In interphase nuclei of normal cells, the probe generally appears as two distinct signals. The probe may also appear as three or four signals, depending upon DNA condensation, and relative distance between chromatids. The signals may also appear as diffuse or split signals. In a normal metaphase, the probe appears as one signal on each chromosome 17.

Normal Hybridization: MAPT SpectrumGreen probe hybridized to a metaphase cell. Absence of the green signal on one chromosome 17 indicates deletion of the MAPT locus.