Vysis ToTelVysion Multi-Color FISH Probe

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Vysis ToTelVysion Multi-Color FISH Probe Mixtures consist of 64 total DNA FISH probes. The mixtures include various combinations of TelVysion, CEP and LSI probes. The TelVysion probes are generally specific to single human chromosome arms and contain loci estimated to be within 300 kb of the end of the respective chromosomes.

Vysis ToTelVysion Multi-Color FISH Probe comes in 15 vials:

  • Vial Mix 1 - TelVysion 1p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 1q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion Xp/Yp SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP X SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 2 - TelVysion 2p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 2q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion Xq/Yq SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP X StectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 3 - TelVysion 3p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 3q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 22q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, LSI BCR (22q11) SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 4 - TelVysion 4p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 4q SpectrumOrange,TelVysion 21q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, LSI AML (21q22) Spectrum Aqua
  • Vial Mix 5 - TelVysion 5p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 5q SpectrumOrange
  • Vial Mix 6 - TelVysion 6p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 6q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 13q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, LSI 13 (13q14) SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 7 - TelVysion 7p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 7q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 14q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, LSI TCR (14q11.2) SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 8 - TelVysion 8p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 8q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 17p SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP 17 SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 9 - TelVysion 9p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 9q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 17q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP17 SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 10 - TelVysion 10p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 10q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 15q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, LSI PML (15q22) SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 11 - TelVysion 11p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 11q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 18p SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP 18 SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 12 - TelVysion 12p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 12q SpectrumOrange, TelVysion 18q SpectrumOrange and SpectrumGreen, CEP 18 SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 13 - TelVysion 16p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 16q SpectrumOrange
  • Vial Mix 14 - TelVysion 19p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 19q SpectrumOrange, LSI 19p13 SpectrumAqua
  • Vial Mix 15 - TelVysion 20p SpectrumGreen, TelVysion 20q SpectrumOrange